BYOD: An Implementation Timeline For School Districts

Cooper on Curriculum

BYOD Timeline 2
For the fourth and final installment of the BYOD series, we will take a look at a recommended one-year timeline for BYOD implementation from an administrative/district standpoint. But first, here is a quick rundown of what has already been discussed!

Part 1:Lessons learned from a BYOD pre-pilot
Part 2:Top 10 apps for BYOD
Part 3:A recommended teacher implementation timeline for BYOD

To provide some perspective, as mentioned prior, “This year, my district has begun the process of implementing BYOD in what is being called a pre-pilot, and my students and I were delighted when we got the call to be the first classroom in the entire district to have the honor.” The timeline below reflects the lessons that we have learned from the pre-pilot, and the district goal for next year is to involve teachers from grades 5 and up on a volunteer basis.

May of current…

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