[Nonfiction Wednesday] The Fearless Sojourner Truth ‪#‎nfpb2014‬

Gathering Books

Myra here.



We are excited to join Kidlit Frenzy’s Nonfiction Picture Book Challenge this year. Our book selections would be interwoven with our current reading theme: Rainbow Colors of Diversity – Voices of the Silenced where we highlight multicultural titles.


I did not know about Sojourner Truth until I read this gorgeously-illustrated and beautifully-written picturebook biography by the Pinkneys. The first page of the book opens with a vivid description of this formidable woman.

She was big. She was black. She was so beautiful.

Her name was Sojourner.


Truth be told, she was meant for great things. Meant for speaking. Meant for preaching. Meant fo teaching the truth about freedom.

Big. Black. Beautiful. True. That was Sojourner.

Sojourner belongs to a family of slaves, was born in 1797, and was sold as early as when she was nine years old. Belle, as she was called by her parents had a strong build, huge…

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