Using Twitter as Assistive Technology

What a great example of the application of social media as an AT , innovative use of technology by the client to meet their unique needs. Universal design for living!

OT's with Apps & Technology

Twitter as AT 2

Twitter as AT?

A recent post on The Assistive Technology DailyPreserving Memories 140 Characters at a Time after Traumatic Brain Injury” describes Thomas Dixon’s use of Twitter as an AT support for his episodic memory loss sustained in a closed head injury while running. Can social media be considered assistive technology?

Dixon reported he was familiar with handheld technology since middle school, but after using a notebook as a tool to assist with memory loss he changed his strategy and created a private Twitter account to record memories to assist with his recall. He describes Twitter, with only 140 characters allowed, as mimicking how episodic memory works. Using Twitter, to log experiences in a linear timeline, with recent events posted on top and the ability to search by keywords made providing the appropriate cognitive support.

Here is a video interview created by Temple University OT Students with Thomas Dixon, “Twitter as Assistive Technology” with basic instructions…

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