We’ve Got the Right Stuff!, a project from Mrs. Cimini

My students need a digital and print library, and resources for an integrated, multi-sensory E.L.A., Math, Social Studies/History and Science/Engineering Curriculum! What is your fondest memory of school? My hopes and dreams are for ALL my students to remember wanting to come to school ready to learn each day, knowing that they were cared for, trusted,…

Source: www.donorschoose.org

Exciting News! For 3 days ONLY… I only need to raise $991.00 to have my entire project funded! That is HALF of what I have left! That’s because the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation will match the other $991.00 … BUT I only have today, tomorrow and the next day to make this happen. Come on peeps we can do this – Sunday, August 24th is the DEADLINE! Make a DONATION TODAY! PLEASE and THANK YOU!

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