We’ve Got the Right Stuff!, a project from Mrs. Cimini

My students need a digital and print library, and resources for an integrated, multi-sensory E.L.A., Math, Social Studies/History and Science/Engineering Curriculum! What is your fondest memory of school? My hopes and dreams are for ALL my students to remember wanting to come to school ready to learn each day, knowing that they were cared for, trusted,…

Source: www.donorschoose.org

Mrs. Cimini is happy to announce that her Donorschoose We’ve Got the Right Stuff Project was fully funded! Many thanks to all who made this possible… Happy dance! Joy! Tears! Elation!
These are just a few of the ways I’m feeling at this very moment! This project has proved to me that one can set a goal, an attainable goal and with perseverance and effort, it can be reached! It was hard at first wondering how I was going to reach the audience I needed to help me navigate this process, but with thought and with trying different avenues, I was able to reach the people I needed to reach.
I hope to share my experience with others and hope to inspire them to set a goal and to not give up! Trust the process!
The materials I have selected will reach each child on an individual and group level. They will make connections to the world around them and create projects and learning resources that will tie together their knowledge and passions in an authentic, personal way.
Thank you so much!
Love and Respect Always…xoxoxo
With gratitude,
Mrs. Cimini

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