Interesting Visual Featuring 27 Ways to Be An Effective Teacher ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


27 Ways to be an effective classroom teacher:

Get plugged into the best teachersMaintain contact with the familyRead up on the best teaching techniquesInvestigate new discoveries with the classIncorporate music into the classroomChallenge your students just beyond their present reachIncorporate social mediaReward a great attemptExperiment in the classroomCreate a global perspectiveEncourage lots of questioningDon’t band-aid or cover up student confusionGive your students all the tools to succeedGet lots of sleepMaintain healthy eatingDon’t raise your voice. Maintain your controlDon’t pull teeth. encourage students alongGrow along with your classAnchor your lesson in their worldMaintain your energy levelFind the key to each student’s success and use itEncourage out of the box thinkingAllow students to express themselves using the artsLet the students erase yesterday and start with a clean slate each dayStop the lecture and let students speakChat with your studentsReach out to struggling students and successful students.

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