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Pre-Order Digital Student Portfolios Today, Receive $2 Off

Reading By Example

The landing page for my first book Digital Student Portfolios: A Whole School Approach to Connected Learning and Continuous Assessment is up and running! The PLPress staff was remarkably efficient in getting this ready.


In this book, I share my school’s story of integrating and embedding digital tools such as iPads and Evernote into our daily instruction. This was not a linear process, and there were definitely ups and downs. But I think that is what makes this resource unique: A realistic look at the rewards and challenges in our attempts to make school a rich learning environment for everyone, both teachers and students.

If you pre-order the book today, enter the code ISTE2014 during check out to receive $2 off.


I look forward to discussing with you the advantages technology and connectedness can bring to our learning endeavors!

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#TCRWP: Day 3 Information Mentor Texts

Mentor Text for Writing Workshop Informational Writing

Resource - Full

This week I have been studying Information Writing at Teachers College June 2014 Advanced Writing institute.  It’s something I like but sometimes my own informational writing works and other times it seems to fall into the completely boring column. I believe that many teachers need help to increase both the quality and the volume of information writing across the curriculum and the day for ALL students.


I was quite pleased to attend Alexis Czeterko’s (@AlexisCzeterko ) Closing Workshop “Five Mentor Texts for Information Writing  – and Ways to Use Them with Power” on Wednesday afternoon.  Alexis began with several personal stories including cookbooks and her mother-in-law and a writing elective when she was ten, but you’ll have to check the twitter feed for further details.  (This is not a complete recap of the closing but it will give you the general flavor.)

When we study mentor text, we…

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Top Ten Books for Young Readers about Encountering Obstacles by Kristine Mraz

Perseverance, grit, stamina, effort…

Nerdy Book Club

That’s what fiction is for. It’s for getting at the truth when the truth isn’t sufficient for the truth.”

Tim O’Brien

It is June in Kindergarten and we are getting ready to say goodbye. It is one of the hardest times of year, for any grade, as little kids try to manage rather big feelings. How many times has a five-year-old been through such a transition, or an eight-year-old for that matter? Much of what they know in their world is about to change. For some, we are the first teacher, the first classroom, the first extended community. Others may have had one or two such transitions before, but no one is exactly an expert at the cycles of the school year. So in my classroom, we do what we all do when faced with times of stress, change, and uncertainty- we turn to stories to help us…

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