Grit, Rigor, Stamina, and other cool ed terms

We can throw around jargon, but it doesn’t change the heart of education….to create lifelong learners.

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DIY Literacy Video Series – Episode 2


Welcome to the second episode of our DIY Literacy video series! We are honored that you are watching and responding to this series. There is a lot of excitement around the demonstration notebooks and more episodes will feature working with that tool. Thanks for all the comments!

As you know, each week we tackle on a new problem that you sent in. Then, we match that problem with a teaching tool that can help. We are featuring a different tool this week based on the problem sent in from North Carolina teachers, Emily Rietz and Lilla Clark:

Problem of the Week  – Readers are in a slump with their reading notebooks. Despite being taught lots of creative ways to respond to their reading, Emily and Lilla notice their students gravitating to only retelling the plots in their books. They are struggling to have students respond to their reading with variety and choice.

Teaching Tool of the…

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