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My students need a digital and print library, and resources for an integrated, multi-sensory E.L.A., Math, Social Studies/History and Science/Engineering Curriculum! What is your fondest memory of school? My hopes and dreams are for ALL my students to remember wanting to come to school ready to learn each day, knowing that they were cared for, trusted,…

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If students designed their own schools… – YouTube

The best small town in America experiments with self-directed learning at its public high school. A group of students gets to create their own school-within-…

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If students designed their own schools…Well, in Great Barrington, MA Monument Mountain High School Students did just that –  not just once, but two times… 🙂

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Mrs. Cimini’s Classroom

My students take on the roles of a Responsive Classroom. They are the creators, drivers, and believers behind how our classroom looks like, feels like, and sounds like throughout our day, every day! They are the facilitators in their learning and I am their guide in their success and growth. Growth mindset! My students will be asked to stop thinking about each school subject, content area as segregated learning, instead will be challenged to see how each subject is relevant to one another and to the real world. Our reading block is not just reading the way we remember it, instead it is a cross curricular LITERACY block, learning across the genres, including Social Studies/History, Science/Engineering, Mathematics, and English Language Arts. We are a blended classroom – traditional, digital; built and based on rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills!

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A message to parents from your child’s teacher

an educator's re-education

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am your child’s teacher.  My role as educator extends far beyond the walls of my classroom.  It is my profession, what I practice.   I have chosen to devote the better part of what will be the years that make up my life to educating your child. I take it very seriously and I should; I am a stakeholder in your child’s future.

And so are you. You take it seriously also.  You take your role in your child’s life more seriously than probably anyone else ever will.  You have spent countless hours modeling empathy and kindness, teaching right from wrong, helping your child learn how to navigate through an increasingly complicated world and spending time to understand who your child is and where he/she is coming from.   You do this in order to help guide your child down the path to who he/she will become…

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The Teacher Dropout Crisis

Teachers are leaving the profession at an alarming rate and at a cost of billions of dollars per year.

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Why do these statistics keep growing…? Sad 😦
"The report points to a variety of reasons for the turnover, including low salaries and a lack of support for many teachers. Which helps to explain why those most likely to quit are also the least experienced: 40 to 50 percent of new teachers leave within their first five years on the job."