Pigs Rock And Roll: Our Strategy for Multiple-Choice Reading Comprehension Questions

Cooper on Curriculum

Posters - PRARAs mentioned previously, “In my classroom we are all about explicit strategies… Reading and writing strategies are taught early on in the school year, and then we continuously spiral them throughout the year as students dive deeper and deeper into how to leverage them effectively. This approach to teaching and learning provides everyone with a common language, which helps in stimulating collaboration amongst students and a positive classroom culture. (This method is even more beneficial when the same strategies are utilized across multiple classrooms and grade levels.)”

While an earlier post details our strategy for open-ended responses to texts, here is a look at Pigs Rock And Roll, which is what my students use when they have to read texts and then answer multiple-choice questions.

  • Preview the story. Do everything you can do without actually reading it!
    (This involves reading the questions first, looking at the title, author, pictures…

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